John Palmer

John recently retired as a Sheriff’s Office Sergeant in Northern California, where he most recently supervised the training unit, which also included the range/armory staff. He was also the agency’s CCW licensing coordinator.

He began his career in 1979 and has served with several northern California agencies (both county sheriff’s offices, as well as municipal police departments), in a variety of assignments: rural and urban general patrol, traffic enforcement and accident investigation, custody assignments (both linear and “new generation/direct supervision facilities), rangemaster, armorer, field training officer, major case detective (homicide/sex crimes/child abuse), air support crewman and deputy coroner.  He graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BA in the Administration of Justice.

John has trained with a multitude of agencies (P.O.S.T.-certified shotgun, rifle, sub-gun and handgun training, as well as the FBI’s firearms instructor course), along with private training providers (Gunsite, LMS Defense, Front Sight, etc.).  John has competed in IPSC, IDPA and PPC locally, as well as high-power rifle competition at the national level.   John spends the balance of his free time enjoying photography and long-distance motorcycle touring.

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