Carbine Clinic

This course is designed for new carbine owners, as well as more experienced carbine handlers, who want a fundamentals refresher. Read More »

Concealed Defensive Pistol Skills

CDPS will push the student in the areas of manipulations, marksmanship, and mindset while carrying a concealed pistol. Read More »

AK Fundamentals

An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Kalashnikov series of firearms. Read More »

Women\'s Pistol Clinic

This class offers women the opportunity to develop their gun-handling skills in a low-stress environment, with an emphasis on safety and developing practical competency. Read More »

Pistol Clinic

This course allows for both novice and experienced shooters to enjoy a low-stress day, where firearms safety and the basics of marksmanship are emphasized. Read More »


Paladin Professional Training Resources

Welcome to the new site. Our class schedule has been updated. Spring is upon us and it’s a great time to consider updating your skills.

CCSD changes its rationale for ticketing motorists on state highways

Shows surprising eagerness to continue dubious program Karen Gray Wednesday, March 7, 2012 The Clark County School District has come up with a new justification for allowing its school police force to

Shotguns: The Best Felon Killing Home Defense Tool Ever Made

Shotguns: The Best Felon Killing Home Defense Tool Ever Made Article from Human Events Countless hours have been spent arguing what makes the “best” home defense gun. The reality is there is

Concealed Carry Bill Advancing in Springfield

Concealed Carry Bill Advancing in Springfield March 13, 2012 A number of state representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of a bill that would legalize the concealed carry of firearms in Illinois,

Kansas House approves changes to concealed carry law

Posted on Mon, Mar. 12, 2012 Kansas House approves changes to concealed-carry law TOPEKA – Gun owners who have a Kansas concealed-carry permit would be allowed to take their weapons into more